Amber R. Trusik

Welcome! I’m Amber, a professional day trader, entrepreneur, ​and author passionate about finance, business, and self-​development. My journey has been diverse, filled with ​experiences that have shaped my expertise and driven my ​commitment to helping others achieve their personal and ​professional goals. I have a private equity background with ​over 13 years of experience in finance and accounting. I am the ​owner of Fitter Smarter Richer, a self-development company ​aimed at helping people learn how to create discipline in their ​lives to achieve their goals, and Whoopsie Hair Ties, a unique ​spin on an everyday product geared towards empowering ​women. Thank you for visiting my website! Join me on this ​exciting journey toward achieving success through discipline ​and strategic thinking.

“Be Kind, Love with All Your Heart, and Never Give Up!”

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